What is 4C Hair? A Complete Guide to Style, Grow and Maintain Your 4C Hair

What is 4C Hair? & Everything You Should Know About 4C Hair

 What is 4C hair?

4C hair is considered to be the sibling of 4B hair that has tighter curls. It is a part of the type 4 hair category along with 4A and 4B. Although, natural and freshly washed 4C hair does not have any defined curl patterns like 4A or 4B hair. If you don’t apply any hairstyling techniques like preying hands methods, twisting, braiding, or shingling, the strands will never bunch together. The 4C hair type can go from fine to thin to delicate to coarse.

 Moreover, it has a tendency to shrink up to 80 percent. So without stretching your 4C hair, your hair will appear 3 to 4 times shorter than the actual size. Well, it is important we realize that each hair type has its unique style and characteristics. And so does 4C hair. 4C hair can be both high or low porosity. So depending on that, you need to determine what products to apply on and how frequently to do so.


How to Take Care of 4C Hair?

Oiling hair before wash: For a 4C hair type, detangling tightly curled hair can be quite challenging. So it is better to oil your hair or use a pre-poo before washing.

 Using sulfate-free hair products: As relevant as it is to wash your hair on a regular basis, it is crucial that you use a sulfate-free shampoo to wash hair. Hair products that contain harsh chemicals like sulfates are responsible for damaging your hair and causing breakage.

 Deep conditioning your hair: To regain your hair’s lost moisture and keep it smooth and soft, a deep conditioner is a must-have product for 4C hair. Deep conditioning your hair after every wash will help define your curl and enhance the beauty of your 4C hair. When choosing a deep conditioner, it is also essential to check if they are sulfate-free.

 Detangle your hair: long 4C strands tend to twist and loop around one another. So, detangling the hair is extra significant. As tangling hair can cause hair breakage, make sure you detangle it more frequently. At the point when your hair is soggy, use a wide-tooth comb, or your fingers run over the hair to untie any knot. 

Using a Hair Mask: Apply a hair mask on a weekly basis. It will promote hair growth and also add moisture to your hair. While choosing a hair mask, you can go for sulfate-free ones in the market. You can also use a natural homemade mask using eggs, Multani mitti if you don’t mind the extra hassle.

8 Best hairstyles you can try on 4C hair


Flat Twist

Flat twists work great on natural 4C hair. This hairstyle is considered to be one of the healthiest hairstyles with versatility.

Easy Twisted Updos

An easy twisted updo is excellent for attending any holiday parties in any season. It’s quite easy yet makes you look pretty charming at the same time. It involves doing braids and messy twists.

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are a 100 years old traditional African hairstyle. It is a fun and flirty style at the same time. Firstly, part your hair in segments. Then twist your hair or move between your fingers and afterward around one another to make ties.

Curly Mohawk

Curly mohawk is one of the most sophisticated hairstyles for 4C hair. As amazing as this hairstyle looks, it also has extra benefits like less washing and maintaining issues.

Braid out

Braid out is another simple hairstyle that is made by three-strand braids. Just take small portions of hair and make teeny tiny braids using up all your hair.


Buns are the cutest hairstyles to rock any 4C hair. Any 4C haired beauty can wear this bun within two minutes. All you need to do is pull your hair up into two buns, and you are ready to go out. To add more style, braid your two sections in the front before making the buns.

Sleek ponytails

When you are not much into styling yet want to keep up the good look, then go for this simple style. It takes less than a minute to get you done with your hair.


When your 4C hair has an abundance of volume and texture, you can rock it with an Afro Style! It needs minimal styling, and only a good haircut and regular trimming are enough for wearing the magical look every day.


We hope this article helps you understand what is 4C hair and how you can take care of it and get the best results.