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Cody Rhodes Natural Hair Color

Cody Rhodes’ natural hair color is dark. However, he later changed his hair color to blonde while working outside of WWE.

Cody Rhodes, a former WWE wrestler, is known for his dark hair color. However, he later decided to dye his hair blonde during his career outside of WWE. Rhodes debuted in WWE in 2006 with his natural dark hair, which he continued to sport until his departure from the company in 2016.

After leaving WWE, Rhodes opted for a new look and started dyeing his hair blonde. This change in hair color became a trademark of his persona in the wrestling industry. Despite his natural hair color being dark, Rhodes has embraced the blonde look.

A Brief Overview Of Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes, best known for his time in WWE, has undergone some notable transformations throughout his career. When he first debuted in WWE in 2006, Rhodes had dark hair, which remained unchanged during his initial run with the company. However, after leaving WWE, Rhodes decided to dye his hair blonde, giving him a completely different look.

This change in appearance outside of WWE has been a topic of discussion among fans and wrestling enthusiasts. It’s interesting to see how he has reinvented himself and embraced his natural hair color during his time away from the spotlight of the Stamford-based company.

Rhodes’ evolution both inside and outside the ring has undoubtedly contributed to his continued success in the world of professional wrestling.

Cody Rhodes Natural Hair Color


The Evolution Of Cody Rhodes’ Hair Color

Cody Rhodes, known for his iconic wrestling career, has undergone a fascinating evolution in hair color. During his early years in WWE, Rhodes sported dark hair, maintaining this look throughout his tenure with the company. However, after his departure from WWE, Rhodes decided to switch things up and transitioned to a blonde hair color.

This change in appearance sparked curiosity among fans, who wondered what influenced his decision. Factors such as personal preference, the desire for a fresh start, and the freedom to express himself outside of WWE likely played a role in this transformation.

Cody Rhodes’ natural hair color will forever be remembered as a significant part of his wrestling journey, showcasing his willingness to embrace change and reinvent his image.

Cody Rhodes’ Current Hair Color: Is It Natural?

Cody Rhodes’ current hair color has sparked a lot of curiosity among fans. Many wonder if it’s natural or if he dyes it. Rhodes himself has addressed this topic, debunking the myths surrounding his hair color. He revealed that during his time in WWE, he had dark hair, but he decided to change it to blonde after leaving the company.

So, no, his current hair color is not natural. Rhodes’ openness about his hair color has provided fans with the truth behind his decision to switch things up. While his blonde hair may be a departure from his natural color, it has become a signature aspect of his appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions On Cody Rhodes Natural Hair Color

Does Cody Rhodes Dye His Hair Blonde?

Yes, Cody Rhodes dyes his hair blonde. He changed his hair color from dark to blonde after leaving WWE.

Why Is Cody Rhodes Purple?

Cody Rhodes’ hair is not purple. He changed his hair color to blonde while working outside WWE.

Who Is Cody Rhodes Wife?

Cody Rhodes’ wife is Brandi Rhodes, a retired wrestling star. They got married in 2013.

How Much Does Cody Rhodes Weight?

Cody Rhodes weight is not available at the moment.


To conclude, Cody Rhodes’s natural hair color is dark. When he first debuted in WWE in 2006, he had dark hair. Throughout his initial run in the company, which ended in 2016, Cody maintained his natural hair color. However, after leaving WWE and working outside the company, he decided to change his hair color to blonde.

This transformation allowed him to explore different looks and reinvent himself as a wrestler. Cody Rhodes’s decision to dye his hair blonde has become a notable aspect of his image and persona in the wrestling industry. Regardless of the hair color he chooses, Cody Rhodes continues to captivate audiences with his skills and passion for professional wrestling.


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