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You are here which means you searched for does hair dye kill lice and landed on this page. Here you will find all the information detailed on how hair dye effect head lice.

Whenever someone says you have lice in your head it is instantly causing terror. 

Although there have been no studies conducted specifically on hair dye’s ability to kill lice, some other research suggests that chemical elements in hair dye might kill the lice. But it doesn’t; assist to kill or eliminate nits.

Remember lice require human blood to survive and on average they can live as long as 30 days on the human scalp. And headlice can lay 3-5 eggs (white-colored) in a single day and they are called nits.

They are wingless, parasitics insects that live on human hair and scalps. The average size of them is the size of a sesame seed and ranges in different colors which also include brown and translucent white.

People who spend time in public gather and have the highest risk of infestation. Such as children attending preschool and elementary school as we as their caretakers. 

How Does hair dye affect the lice?

The effects of hair dye on lice depend on the type of hair dye a person using. Mostly type used to kill head lice is permanent hair dye, due to its specific and powerful chemical elements. 

Those permanent hair dyes contain ammonia, which is alkaline. And it is known as a corrosive chemical that can produce a special type of irritating gas. That is one of the main reasons why hair dye is effective in killing lice.

Hair dye solution that contains hydrogen peroxide also effective in killing lice. Since nits or eggs are encased and protected by hard shells the chemical in the hair dye cannot penetrate and as a result, it can not do anything to eliminate the nits before they can hatch. It stays attached to the hair using the natural glue-like substance.

Does hair bleach kill lice?

Yes, in some ways hair bleach does kill the lice. Hair bleach often contains some chemicals, which helps to kill the lice. Such as ammonium persulfate, which is an oxidizer and helps to remove the color from hair. Hydrogen and stearyl alcohol are also included in bleach. These all ingredients help to kill lice.

The effectiveness of hair bleach is similar to hair dye, both help to kill lice by aren’t effective at exterminating nits.

How To Use Hair Dye To Kill Lice

In case you want to use hair dye to assist you to get rid of lice, you can follow a few tips. It is advised that you should repeat the whole process. You can repeat this every week until the lice and nits are completely gone from your hair and scalp.

Strong hair dye often causes chemical changes that affect natural hair color, mostly in the case of permanent hair color. It can irritate the used scalp and causes allergic reactions. Now some side effects can spread into the neck and face too. Which also includes:

  • Burning
  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Hives or Welts
  • Irritation
  • Redness

Based on the chemical included in the dye the side effects can be more severe and if someone uses more than it is needed. In the final stage, it can harm hair and skin. Also, can cause hair to thin or dry out the scalps if someone overuse bleach 

While using these products make sure you or the person handling this stuff using a disposable glove. These gloves mostly come with the product to protect its underhands and other external body areas.

Also make sure not to get any product into your eyes, nose, or mouth. It is also important to avoid breathing in the fumes emitted by hair dyes. While dying your hair make sure the place is well-ventilated.

Due to sensitive skin and age hair dye is not recommended for children to use hair dye. 

What Brand of Hair Dye Kills Lice?

Hair dyes brand that contains hydrogen peroxide or ammonia can kill lice. Including: 

  • Wella
  • Clairol
  • L’Oréal
  • John Frieda

Before purchasing check the product details, it will give you the chemicals it contains. And then you can decide to use it or not.


Here you already got all the details, do and don’t about hair dye effect on killing lice. Now you can make the decision. But always remember before applying any products to check what it contains and will harm you in any way. Then make your final decision.