Hair loss can be a major concern for many people, and the cause can often be difficult to pinpoint. For those who have been prescribed Plaquenil (or hydroxychloroquine), it’s important to know if this medication could potentially lead to hair thinning or balding. In this article, we’ll explore whether there is any evidence that suggests Plaquenil causes hair loss and what you should do if you’re concerned about your own hair health.

Common Side Effects Of Plaquenil

Plaquenil is a medication commonly used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and other autoimmune disorders. While its effectiveness in treating these conditions has been widely demonstrated, it can also come with certain side effects. Many people who take Plaquenil may experience nausea, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, or loss of appetite – all of which are typically mild and should not last more than a few days. Additionally, some users have reported skin rash or itching as well as hair discoloration.

Though rarer, there have been reports of serious vision-related issues experienced by Plaquenil users such as blurred vision or difficulty focusing on objects near and far. Other potential adverse reactions include depression and changes in blood sugar levels. It’s important for anyone taking Plaquenil to be aware of the possible risks before starting treatment so that they can make an informed decision about whether this drug is right for them. Having said that, many patients do find relief from their symptoms when taking Plaquenil despite any associated side effects.

Given the wide range of potential side effects associated with Plaquenil use, it’s natural to wonder if one might be linked to hair loss. We’ll look into this question further in the next section.

Possible Links To Hair Loss

Although there is no clear evidence that Plaquenil can cause hair loss, some people have reported it as a side effect. Reports of the association between this medication and hair loss are mostly anecdotal, meaning they’re based on individual experiences rather than scientific studies. However, it’s possible that Plaquenil could be linked to hair loss in certain cases due to its effects on the immune system or other aspects such as genetics.

Hair loss can be an alarming symptom and if you take Plaquenil and experience any changes in your scalp or thinning of your hair, you should speak with your doctor about what might be causing it. It’s important to make sure all other potential causes are ruled out before blaming Plaquenil for your symptoms. If you’re worried about losing more hair, considering talking to your healthcare provider about next steps.

What To Do If You’re Worried About Hair Loss

Back in the day, it was thought that Plaquenil could potentially cause hair loss. But more recent research suggests that this is not a common side-effect of taking the medication. Some individuals may experience temporary thinning or shedding as their body adjusts to the drug but, generally speaking, the risk of permanent hair loss while on Plaquenil is very low.

Nevertheless, if you are worried about your hair falling out while on Plaquenil then there are steps you can take to help minimize any potential risks. Firstly, speak with your doctor and make sure they know all medications you’re currently taking – including any supplements or vitamins – so that they can check for possible interactions between them. Secondly, make sure to get regular blood tests done so your doctor can closely monitor how well your body is responding to treatment. Lastly, ensure that you’re eating a nutritious diet which includes plenty of protein and iron-rich foods as these will promote healthy hair growth.


Hair loss can be a worrying side effect of taking Plaquenil. It’s important to understand the possible link between this medication and hair thinning, so you can make an informed decision about your treatment plan. Although not all patients experience this side effect, it’s worth keeping in mind that up to 20% of people who take Plaquenil will develop some degree of hair loss over time. If you’re worried about potential hair loss from Plaquenil, talk to your doctor for guidance on how to proceed.


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