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Get ready to elevate your hairstyle game with the ultimate trendsetter – the elevated ponytail. This chic and versatile look will have heads turning wherever you go. With just a few simple steps, you can transform your ordinary ponytail into a stylish statement. Say goodbye to flat and lifeless hair and hello to volume and texture. Get ready to take your ponytail to new heights and make a bold fashion statement with an elevated ponytail that’s sure to turn heads.

Choosing the Right Hair Length

To choose the right hair length for an elevated ponytail, you should consider the length of your hair. Finding the perfect hairstyle is all about understanding what works best for you and your individual features. When it comes to an elevated ponytail, there are pros and cons to different hair lengths that you need to take into account.

If you have short hair, don’t worry! You can still rock an elevated ponytail. The key is to create volume and texture to make your ponytail look fuller. Use a teasing brush or some texturizing spray to add some height at the crown of your head. Then, gather your hair into a ponytail at the top of your head and secure it with an elastic band. The shorter length will give your ponytail a chic and edgy look.

Medium-length hair is perfect for an elevated ponytail. It provides just the right amount of length to create a sleek and polished look. Gather your hair at the crown of your head and secure it with an elastic band. You can use a flat iron to straighten your hair for a super sleek finish or add some loose waves for a more relaxed vibe.

If you have long hair, you have endless possibilities for an elevated ponytail. You can go for a high ponytail that cascades down your back, or you can create a voluminous ponytail by teasing your hair at the crown before securing it. Long hair allows you to experiment with different textures and styles, so have fun and get creative!

Sectioning and Teasing the Hair

To section and tease your hair for an elevated ponytail, start by dividing your hair into manageable sections. This will make the process easier and ensure that you achieve the desired volume and texture. Begin by parting your hair horizontally from ear to ear, creating a top and bottom section. Secure the top section with a clip or hair tie to keep it out of the way.

Next, take the bottom section and divide it vertically down the middle, creating two equal sections. Clip one section aside for now. With the remaining section, use a teasing brush to gently backcomb the hair at the roots. Start at the crown and work your way down to the nape of your neck, creating volume and texture. Repeat this process with the other section.

Once you have teased both sections, release the top section of hair. Take a small section from the front and tease it lightly, focusing on the roots, to add height and lift to the ponytail. This will give your elevated ponytail a more dramatic and voluminous look.

To finish, gather all of your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Smooth out any flyaways or bumps with a brush or comb, and mist with hairspray to hold the style in place.

Creating the High Ponytail Base

You frequently start by securing the top section of your hair with a clip or hair tie to keep it out of the way. This step is crucial in creating a high ponytail base, as it allows you to work on the lower sections of your hair without any interference. Once you have secured the top section, you can move on to the next step.

To achieve a high ponytail base, you have several options for different ponytail variations. One popular style is the sleek and polished look, which requires smooth and straight hair. Apply a styling product that provides hold and shine, such as a hair gel or pomade, to the lower sections of your hair. Use a comb to slick back the hair and gather it at the desired height on your head. Secure it tightly with a hair tie, making sure to smooth out any bumps or flyaways.

If you prefer a more voluminous ponytail, you can add some texture and body to your hair before creating the base. Apply a volumizing mousse or spray to the lower sections of your hair and use a round brush to blow dry it, lifting at the roots for extra volume. Once your hair is dry, gather it into a high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie.

Remember to choose styling products that provide both hold and shine to ensure your high ponytail base stays in place throughout the day. Experiment with different ponytail variations to find the style that suits you best. With a little practice and the right products, you can effortlessly create a high ponytail base that adds a touch of sophistication to any look.

Adding Volume and Texture

For added volume and texture, try applying a volumizing mousse or spray to your hair before creating the high ponytail base. These products are specifically designed to give your hair a boost, making it appear fuller and more voluminous. When selecting a volumizing product, look for one that suits your hair type and desired level of volume. Apply it to your roots and lengths, focusing on the crown area to create maximum lift.

Once you’ve applied the volumizing product, it’s time to create your textured ponytail. There are several styling options you can try to achieve the desired look. One option is to backcomb the crown area of your hair to create extra height and volume. Gently tease small sections of hair at the roots, working your way from the back to the front. This technique will add texture and lift to your ponytail.

Another option is to incorporate braids into your ponytail. Start by creating a regular high ponytail and then divide it into two sections. Braid each section separately and secure them with clear elastic bands. Once the braids are in place, gently tug on the edges to loosen them and create a more textured appearance.

To enhance the texture of your ponytail, you can also use a texturizing spray or dry shampoo. These products add grit and hold, making your ponytail look effortlessly tousled and textured. Simply spray them onto your hair and use your fingers to scrunch and tousle the strands.

Polishing and Securing the Ponytail

Now it’s time to give your elevated ponytail a polished finish and ensure it stays securely in place. To achieve this, you can use various hair accessories that not only add a touch of glamour but also help keep your ponytail looking flawless throughout the day.

One popular option is to use a sleek hair cuff or a statement hair clip. These accessories instantly elevate your ponytail, giving it a more sophisticated look. Choose a cuff or clip that complements your outfit and enhances your personal style. Whether you opt for a minimalist design or a bold, eye-catching piece, these accessories will add that extra wow factor to your polished ponytail.

Another way to secure your ponytail is by using bobby pins strategically. After tying your ponytail, insert a few bobby pins horizontally into the base of the ponytail, crossing them over each other for added security. This technique ensures that your ponytail stays in place all day long, even during vigorous activities.

To maintain a polished ponytail throughout the day, it’s essential to prevent flyaways and frizz. A simple trick is to spray some hairspray onto a clean toothbrush or a small bristle brush and gently brush down any stray hairs. This will smooth out the hair and create a sleek, polished look.

Additionally, consider using a lightweight, non-greasy hair serum to tame any frizz and add shine to your ponytail. Apply a small amount to your hands, rub them together, and then run your fingers through the lengths of your ponytail, focusing on the ends.


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