Glossary Of Hair Related Terminology

Glossary of all hair related terminology. Hair Byte

To learn and understand more about hair, everyone must or at least have some idea of different hair related terms. That also includes a minimum description of each term. That’s why we created a glossary of hair terminology.

Anagen: Also known as the growth phase. One of the most extended stage for hair. In this phase, hair starts to divide from the cell at a rapid rate. This phase can be active from anywhere between two and seven years.

Catagen: This phase is known as the transitional phase. This phase happens in between anagen and telogen. Lenght of this phase is 10 to 20 days. At any given time, approximately 3% of all hairs are currently in this phase. In this phase, hair stops growing, and the outer root sheath of hair begins shrinking and attaches to the root of the hair.

Telogen: This is a resting phase. And usually accounts for 6%to 8% of all our hair. Usually, this phase can last for about 100 days for our hair on the scalp and longer for hairs on the eyebrow and other parts. On this phase, hair, the follicle is kept resting, and the club hair gets entirely formed. If anyone pulls out hair in this phase, they will be able to find a solid, hard, dry, and white material at the root of the hair. On average, 25-100 telogen hair is shed normally every day.

Hair Follicle: Hair follicle is a part of our skin. It is a tunnel-shaped structure situated in the epidermis of our skin. Hair follicle starts growing at the bottom of a hair follicle packing up with old cells. It also has some micro glands.