How fast does hair grow

How fast does hair grow?

How fast does hair grow

“Your hair generally grows only a quarter or half an inch- per month” –Mark Townsend, celebrity hairstylist. 

Sounds annoying but it’s true that your hair will not grow overnight. There are so many people who are facing problems in hair growth. And here is the good news! If your hair is not growing according to the experts- at least half an inch, there are ways by which you may speed up the growth. So, if you have any query about how fast does hair grows, then you’re in the right place!

For a long time, we have been experimenting with a lot of hair products and different ways of growing hair. And thankfully we are here with the formula that can solve the problem. By following the formula in this article, you will be able to know how to grow your hair up to 1 inch a week!

Let’s just jump into it!

As we said earlier, science has found out new ways to control hair growth at a particular level. It doesn’t mean you can directly speed up hair growth as much as you want, or we have any fast hair growth secrets. How fast your hair grows may depend on some factors. Your age is a great factor in this. It is considered that our head has about 100k follicles normally. And as the age starts to increase, some of them stops producing hair, and that is when we face baldness or hair thinning. 

Another factor is our specific hair type. Not everyone hair the same type of hair. There are so many people who have nice hair and also so many have problems with hair from childhood. This happens because of the hormone. But you can always improve things. 

Overall health and other health condition also matter in terms of hair growth. It may feel inappropriate to you, but it is scientifically proven that your overall health is a big factor in hair growth. 

Different Stages of Hair Growth

Like everything else hair also has its own unique growth phase. In terms of growth, our hair also maintains its very own timeline. Generally, our hair grows in three phases. This is also known as the hair growth cycle. Which are-

  • Anagen
  • Catagen
  • Telogen

These are three different stages that stand for a certain time. The anagen normally lasts for 2-8 years. We get the most scalp hair follicles in the anagen phase. The source is over ninety percent. You may have a question that can you increase the anagen phase for hair growth! Well, eventually, you can. The researchers or scientists are looking for new ways to trigger our bodies to increase the phase. 

How long your hair is can put an impact on how long the anagen phase will last. It also depends on the cells in your follicle base. If they are continuing to multiply, then it can be helpful for the phase. 

Now you will get it if you know about how your hair grows. Hair grows when the matrix cells in our head shed some structure when they reach the upper follicle. This shed structure is made of keratins to form your hair. 

Then, there is the catagen stage. Where your hair stops to grow, this phase lasts for about four or six weeks normally. Telogen lasts for more than categen. They last for two or three months. And this phase is the most dangerous part for any hair lover. In this phase, our hair falls out. It is also called the resting phase! ( Some people suffer telogen effluvium, it is a condition in which hair falls out after a stressful experience)

How fast does hair grow naturally?

Figuring out the natural speed of the growth of your hair will help you understand if your growth is normal or not. Our hair only grows about a quarter or half an inch per month. There are also so many reliable sources like an agency for toxic substances, and the disease registry says that scalp hair only grows one cm per month. 

So, if your hair is growing 4/5 inches per year, you should acknowledge that everything is normal and sounds fair. But the speed here can vary from person to person as there are so many factors that affect our hair growth. Here are some points about why our hair stops growing. Try to avoid them-

Factors that affect hair growth

People generally ask what factors can affect hair growth. Sadly, there are so many factors that affect the growth of our hair. Here are a few factors which affect the most-

  • Genetics problem

Many of us are from families where other members don’t have much hair or facing hair loss. These situations can happen if there is a genetic problem. 

  • Over Styling and Using Heat

Excessive heat can prove dangerous to your hair. Although we all love our hair and want to look gorgeous, there are particular things we should avoid for the betterment of our hair. 

Using heat tools every day like hot irons or hair-dryer is not good for the hair. These may weaken your hair. So try to cut down going there, and you’ll see the unbelievable change in the condition of your hair. 

If using them is so necessary then use the below steps-

  • Try towel and air dry. 
  • Make it about 60% dry. 
  • Use the hair-dryer on a medium setting. 

P.S. Try high-quality hair protection spray which can keep your hair healthy. 

  • Using the wrong products

People sometimes be too much enthusiastic about hair and start applying different products without even researching about them. Those mistakes sometimes harm the normal hair growth process too. It is never like using much product can give you better hair. Rather you can say it like less product, more hair. There are so many products that cause damage more than good. 

  • Tight ponytails and high buns

Tight hairstyles may look nice, but these can also cause some serious damage. If you try it once in a while, that will not put up any big deal. But if having it overtime can prove harmful. When it is done tightly, it can be pulled up from the roots and cause hair weakness. And if it is wet hair, they can put the damage most. Wet hair is softer than dry one. 

  • Hormonal disorder

There are estrogen and progesterone hormones in our body. These hormones help our hair to grow. Also, there are hormones named androgen and testosterone, which discourage the growth of our hair. Some hormonal changes can occur in our bodies. As we said earlier, our hormones play a vital role in producing hair. Changes in hormones can turn into hair loss and thinning. 

  • Lack of Vitamins and Nutrition 

Vitamins and nutrients are not directly help growing or preventing hair loss. To have good hair is important to have a good body. Also, some vitamins like vitamin C or vitamin D can help growing hair according to a study also some nutrients like zinc or iron. Lack of essential nutrition and protein can cause lots of problems.  There are lots of food for hair that can help a lot.

  • Medications 

We have to be careful about this. Due to health conditions maybe you are taking different medicinal products. But it is true that medication is one of the major reasons for hair fall. A study says that by taking too many medicines, our body faces so many side effects. And one of the major of them is hair fall. Also, some treatments directly damage our hair. Always consult with your doctor about the side effects of medications. 

  • Too much stress

This may don’t look like a serious problem for you, but many doctors have said that having too much stress bad for our health in so many ways. Hair fall is one of them. Don’t put too much pressure or stress. Stress caused by surgery, childbirth, and serious illness can also cause Telogen effluvium.

  • Trauma

So many people face trauma in day-to-day life or sometimes. These can be pretty dangerous for our bodies. These traumas damage our follicles. Try to consult doctors or psychiatrists before it gets serious. 

Severe hair loss can be bad. Don’t make it worse by sitting at home. Rather you should schedule a routine checkup for your health condition, which can cause this unexplained hair loss. 


The Inversion Method to grow your hair faster

If you are searching for good hair growth tips then this method might work for you. Studies show that the inversion method is so beneficial for health. Many people often question how to make your hair grow faster in a day. To be honest, it can help you grow one inch of hair per week which is far more than natural growth. And the best part is there is no side effect in this method. So what you need to do is given below in step by step-

  1. Start with the scratch. That means to trim your head. By this, the existing split ends will not affect results. ( You can avoid trimming completely, remember no excess hair products)
  2. Measure it so that after the end, you can compare it. It will help you to measure how long does hair grows in a week.
  3. Set your position of inversion. Where your head should be lower than your heart, like it is done in yoga, try sitting on a chair or sofa or in a bed. And hang your head between your legs. 
  4. Stop if you feel dizzy or light-headed.
  5. Massage your scalp using the fingertips for about five to ten minutes. Set a timer for that.
  6. Boost the method if you want.
  7. Have a moisturizing treatment of your hair using oil like coconut oil, castor oil olive, or argon.  This also makes to hair shine more. Sometimes using essential oils can be a great choice. There are lots of claims and proven facts that indicate essential oils also help a lot.
  8. You can leave it overnight in your shower cap.
  9. Try repeating the process for seven consecutive days by adding it into your hair care routine. And then after a month. 

How fast does hair grow during and after pregnancy?

Women generally face two different situations in terms of hair loss during and after their pregnancy.

  • -Pregnant women feel that their hair is growing faster than natural. 
  • -After pregnancy, women feel that they are losing their hair so fast than normal. 

Well, these feelings are so natural. They happen because of the hormone estrogen. During pregnancy, women have a higher ratio of hair follicles at the growing phase. On the other hand, after pregnancy, the rate of hair follicles return to the resting phase. And this is why they face different situations in those times. 

How long does it take to grow shoulder-length hair?

Now lots of people ask how long does it take to grow shoulder-length hair? It is true hair growth and hair growth cycle depend on many things. But here I will give you guys the average idea of the length of hair growth. Based on CDC and other reputated medical institute told that on average human hair grows a one-half inch per month. And based on the average shoulder length which is about 12 inches it will take less than two years to reach that goal. 

Hair Growth Rate

Here is a study of hair growth rate. This measurement is an average based on a woman of 5 Feet and 7 inches.

  • Ear to chin = 6 months
  • Chin to neck = 3 – 4 months
  • Neck to shoulder = 3 – 4 months
  • Shoulder to collarbone = 4 months
  • Collarbone to bra straps = 12 months
  • Bra straps to mid-back = 6 months
  • Mid-back to waist = 8 months
  • Waist to Hip = 9 months
  • Hip to Tailbone = 5 months
  • Tailbone to classic = 6 months
  • Classic to mid-thigh = 6 months
  • Mid-thigh to knee = 10 months
  • Knee to calf = 12 months
  • Calf to ankle = 15 months

This may not be the same for everyone. Because some people’s hair growth can be faster or slower. But this data is based on average Hair growth speed or 0.5 inches per month.

The bottom line

Okay, you may believe that your hair can not be grown overnight. But you should believe that you can always improve your growth over time just by changing your hair care routine a little bit. Also, don’t forget about your hair health depending on your hair types making changes to the lifestyle can help a lot. Although most of the ways of hair growth are out of our control, still you can get the best output by stopping or preventing hair loss. So, stay hydrated and keep a balanced diet in order to gain healthy hair.

Follow the following methods as they are all scientifically proven and came up after a long-term study. We hope for the best that you will be helpful in using them. These may look inappropriate, but you will only able to know after using them. And if you feel pressured about growing hair, consult with a trichologist.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We would look forward to your response. Till then have happy hairy days!






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