Covid-19 has caused an immense amount of chaos and disruption throughout the world, including a wide range of physical side effects. One of these is sudden hair loss, which many have experienced since the start of the pandemic. But how long does it last? In this article we look at what experts are saying about Covid hair loss – its causes, duration and potential treatments.

We’ll also explore some tips for helping to prevent further hair thinning or shedding during this difficult time. With so much unknown surrounding Covid-19, it’s important to understand all aspects of health that may be affected by the virus – including our hair health. So read on to find out more about Covid-related hair loss and how you can protect your locks in times like these.

Causes Of Covid Hair Loss

Recent studies have revealed that nearly one-third of Covid-19 patients suffer from hair loss as a result of the virus. This symptom, which has been labeled “Covid Hair Loss Syndrome” (CHLS), is caused by an excessive release of inflammatory cytokines in response to the infection. As these cytokines attack the follicles and inhibit their growth, it can lead to extreme shedding or thinning of hair over time.

The exact mechanism behind this phenomenon is still being studied, but experts suspect that genetic factors may play a role in determining who will experience CHLS and how severe the effects are. In addition, certain medications taken during recovery can also contribute to increased levels of inflammation and thus accelerate hair loss. It’s important for anyone experiencing symptoms associated with CHLS to consult a doctor right away in order to get treatment as soon as possible. With proper care, they can likely minimize any long-term damage done to their scalp. Moving forward, we’ll take a closer look at how long this condition might last.

Duration Of Covid Hair Loss

The duration of Covid hair loss can vary. In some cases, it may last for a few weeks or months and then resolve on its own, while other people might experience longer-term effects. While the exact cause of the shedding is unknown, it’s thought that the stress of the virus could be causing disruption in the normal hair growth cycle.

If you’re experiencing this type of shedding, speak to your doctor about potential treatments and prevention strategies. They can offer advice tailored to your specific situation and help ensure you get back to feeling like yourself as soon as possible. Additionally, there are many lifestyle changes that can promote healthy hair growth such as eating nutrient-rich foods and exercising regularly. Taking proactive steps now could make all the difference later on.

Treatments And Prevention Strategies

On the one hand, hair loss due to COVID-19 is a real and distressing reality that many are facing. On the other hand, there are treatments and prevention strategies available to help reduce or avoid this issue altogether.

Here’s a list of what you can do: 1. Take care of your scalp by using gentle shampoos and conditioners as well as avoiding any styling products with harsh chemicals. 2. Keep stress levels low by practicing mindfulness activities such as yoga or meditation on a regular basis. 3. Eat healthy foods with plenty of vitamins A, C, D, E, Biotin, Iron, Zinc and essential fatty acids which promote hair growth and strength. 4. Consult with your doctor about taking medications specifically designed for hair loss if necessary.

Although there isn’t much research yet into how long COVID-related hair loss may last for individuals affected by it, these steps can certainly help prevent further damage or even reverse some existing issues associated with it over time.


Conclusion: It’s clear that Covid hair loss can be a stressful and distressing experience, but with the right treatments and prevention strategies, it doesn’t have to last forever. While we don’t know exactly how long Covid hair loss will last for each individual, we do know that it’s possible for recovery if you take the proper steps. I hope this article has been informative and helpful in understanding what to expect from your own Covid hair loss journey – let’s all just cross our fingers and hope it passes quickly!


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