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How to Do Fairy Hair

To do fairy hair, attach 3-5 strands of Fairy Hair to damp hair with 2-3 knots for a long-lasting effect. Adding dry shampoo to the roots can prevent the Fairy Hair from sliding down.

The cost of adding fairy hair to your hair ranges from $25 for 10 strands to $95 for 50 strands, with individual strands costing $3. Fairy hair adds a touch of sparkle and whimsy to your hair, making it perfect for special occasions or just for fun.

Whether you want a subtle or bold look, fairy hair can be customized to suit your style. With just a few simple steps, you can easily add some magic to your hair with fairy hair.

Getting Started

What is fairy hair? Fairy hair refers to delicate strands of high-quality tinsel that are attached to individual strands of hair, creating a shimmering effect. Why do people love fairy hair? People love fairy hair because it adds a touch of magic and sparkle to their hairstyle, perfect for special events or festivals.

Choosing the right fairy hair color is crucial in achieving the desired look. Consider your hair color and complexion to find a shade that complements your natural beauty. Preparing your hair for fairy hair installation involves making sure it is clean and dry.

You can add some texture to your hair by using a bit of dry shampoo at the root. To attach fairy hair, make small knots with strands of your hair and the fairy hair strand, ensuring a secure and long-lasting hold.

Fairy Hair Installation

For a long-lasting effect, attach 3-5 strands of hair to the Fairy Hair strand. Secure them with 2-3 knots, which can be easier if the hair is damp. To prevent the Fairy Hair from sliding down, add a little dry shampoo to the root, which also adds texture to the hair.

By creating a base for the fairy hair, you ensure a secure and durable installation.

Maintaining And Removing Fairy Hair

For maintaining and removing fairy hair, caring for your fairy hair is essential. To prevent fairy hair from sliding down, use 3-5 strands of hair and make 2-3 knots with the hair and the fairy hair strand. Damp hair can make it easier to attach.

Adding a little dry shampoo to the root can add texture and prevent sliding. When removing fairy hair, be gentle to avoid damaging your hair. As your hair grows out, transition your fairy hair by adjusting the placement to blend with your natural hair.

By following these tips, you can enjoy your fairy hair while keeping it in great condition.

How to Do Fairy Hair


Frequently Asked Questions For How To Do Fairy Hair

How Do You Tie Fairy Hair Step By Step?

To tie fairy hair step by step, follow these instructions: 1. Take 3-5 strands of hair. 2. Knot the hair and the Fairy Hair strand 2-3 times. 3. Damp hair makes it easier to tie. 4. Use a little dry shampoo at the root to add texture and prevent sliding.

What Do You Need For Fairy Hair?

To create fairy hair, you need 3-5 strands of hair, knots, and damp hair for easier installation. Use dry shampoo for texture and to prevent sliding.

How Much Does It Cost To Put Fairy Hair In Your Hair?

Putting fairy hair in your hair costs $25 for 10 strands, $35 for 15 strands, $45 for 20 strands, and $95 for 50 strands. Less than 10 strands are $3 per strand.

How Long Does It Take To Put Fairy Hair In?

Fairy hair installation takes about 10-15 minutes, depending on the number of strands.


To achieve a magical and enchanting look, fairy hair is the perfect option. By following the right steps, you can easily add strands of fairy hair to your own hair and create a whimsical style. When attaching fairy hair, it is recommended to use 3-5 strands of hair and create 2-3 knots with the hair and fairy hair strand.

Dampening the hair slightly can make the process easier, while adding dry shampoo to the root can give your hair texture and prevent the fairy hair from sliding down. Additionally, it’s important to note that the cost of fairy hair installation varies depending on the number of strands you choose.

Prices typically range from $3 per strand for less than 10 strands to $95 for 50 strands. With fairy hair, you can add a touch of magic to your hairstyle and unleash your inner fairy.


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