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The Oster Hair clippers always tend to perform well for the users. They come with different and amazing features. The Oster Model 10 is no exception here.

Whether you are a professional barber or a hobbyist, a good quality clipper is a must. There are some features that one should not compromise before purchasing a hair clipper. In this Oster Model 10 Review, we will discuss those qualities and how this model fulfils those.

If you have already used the classic 76, then model 10 should be familiar to you. Oster model 10 is the small and lighter version of classic 76. That means cutting hair is more comfortable than before.

You might be wondering if the clipper is light, it probably is flimsy or fragile. Well, unlikely, this model is no less durable than the classic 76.

Who should consider buying Oster Model 10 Clipper?


Now that you are looking for the Oster Model 10 Review, there may be few reasons for that.

          Your old hair clipper is broken, and you need a new one

          You are not satisfied with your recent clipper

          You are a professional barber looking for a comfortable yet effective one

          You are a starter and you want to increase your productivity

          You don’t want to go out during  this quarantine to get a hair cut

For every situation pointed above, you can consider purchasing the clipper. Or you might gift this to someone who is going through one of these situations. By going through the complete review of Oster model 10 clipper, you will be able to decide for yourself whether to buy it or not.

What’s in the box?


The product comes with an 11 inch (27 cm) long box. Other than the main product – the clipper, the box also includes some accessories regarding product usage. Let’s take a brief look at what the inside of the box contains:

          Oster Model 10 Hair Clipper

          Instruction Manual

          A Lubricating Oil Tube

          An Electric Clipper Grease Tube

          A Cleaning Brush

          Size 000 (76918-026) Detachable Blade

          Blade Guard

Overall, the box includes everything you might need to purchase along with a hair clipper. So it saves you money and from the hassle of buying those items separately.


Features of Oster Model 10:


          Compact housing for easy maneuver

          High-performance universal motor

          Ideal for all cuts and styles on any hair

          Extra-large hanging bale for easy storage

          Impact-resistant exterior

          On and Off toggle switch for easy one-hand operation

          10 ft. power cord


Reasons to buy the Oster Model 10


  • Easy and Comfortable Grip

During work, you need a comfortable clipper that makes your job easy and smooth. You don’t want to buy a clipper that will weight your hand down and make you slow.

The Oster model 10 is a lightweight and standard shaped hair clipper. Every time you hold it, it will feel as if you are holding nothing.

  • Prevents Carpal Tunnel and Hand Fatigue

If you are a busy barber, then you have to go through dozens of cuts each day. This means you have to hold the clipper for a longer period.

At the end of the day, you must experience the pain in your hands and arms, right? This is the result of working with a heavy clipper all day.

This can eventually lead to Carpal Tunnel that can be a risk for your job and health. Many barbers end up losing their job because of this syndrome.

However, if you luckily do not get carpal tunnel, then there is always a chance for hand fatigue which is really irritating. A light, comfortable hair clipper like Oster model 10 will definitely help you avoid these issues.

  • Fast Performance

Good skill alone is not enough to get the most outcome. To increase your productivity, you need to increase the number of daily cuts. And a heavy and bulky hair clipper is a big obstacle for this matter.

The model 10 is just as good quality as the classic 76. It has a high performance universal motor that ensures fast cutting. So you get great haircuts with a single pass.

Moreover, its lightweight makes it more effective to cut more hair.

  • Suitable for All Types of Cuts and Styles

With the Oster model 10, the sky’s the limit for you. You can try on every cut you could possibly think of. Add a good detachable blade according to your preference, and you are good to go.

Whether you want to fade or anything, this will do a great job.

  • Suits All Hair Type

You might face some hard times with some clippers for cutting really thick hair. Well, this will not be any issue while you use model 10. It can handle hair of maximum thickness.

Also, cutting hair that is too straight or too curly is just easy breezy with this one.

  • 10 Feet Long Cord

This clipper comes with an extended 10 feet cord. This ensures more flexibility and comfort during work. So you can plug it in and move around without worrying about getting unplugged every once in a while.

  • Great for Smaller Hands

People with relatively smaller hands may have a hard time holding big clippers like the Classic 76. The model 10 is an excellent solution to small hand problems.

  •  Ideal for Both Professionals and Beginners

Whether you are a pro at cutting or just starting out, the Oster model 10 will be right for you no matter what. 

It is a matter of fact that using a good quality device is a must. Even if you have a great skill, still a cheap clipper can slow you down and hamper your work.

And when you are a novice, it is insisted you learn with a good unit to fasten your learning.

  • Sturdy and Durable

 It has a durable build quality with strong plastic casing. Besides, the powerful universal motor is perfect for a heavy-duty clipper.

Reasons to Reconsider About Buying Oster Model 10


  • A Bit Noisy

First off, the clipper is not super silent. If you are someone who has issues with even slight noises, then it might bother you. Other than that, the clipper is relatively quiet than most other hair clippers in the market.

  • Tends to Get Hot by Overuse

If you have a hectic work schedule, then you might want to use the clipper way too much. Well, as an electric device, the clipper will get hot when you use it too frequently.

That is why we recommend you to have a blade cooler. Besides, consider giving it a break for a few minutes. Plus you can always use a spare clipper when it gets too busy.


Reviewing Oster Model 10 Clipper Price


As a high-end hair clipper in the market, Oster Model 10 is going to cost a bit more than the ordinary ones.

Now let me ask you a question. Would you rather buy a $25 clipper every year or have a good one that lasts a lifetime? Well, if you are rational enough, then you will definitely go for the quality one if you can afford it.

Moreover, a good quality hair clipper like model 10 is likely going to make your work easier and save time & energy.

Currently, you can get the Oster Model 10 at $140. Now it might seem a bit too expensive considering the others. But when you get the benefits from the unit, you will know it is worth the price.

Oster Model 10 and Classic 76


As the Oster Model 10 is a newer and smaller version of the Classic 76, lots of users tend to wonder what makes these two different from each other. Also, they go back and forth, deciding which clipper would be right to purchase.

To clarify your doubts and confusions, we are going to discuss the similarities and differences between these two. This will help you decide which one best serves your purpose.


Oster Model 10 vs Classic 76: Similarities

The model 10 is often compared as the classic 76’s little brother. So likely they both have some similar features and benefits.

Quality and Performance

Both clippers are of high-end quality. They are built with a strong plastic casing that ensures longer lifespan. Both units are supposed to last much longer periods than the cheaper ones.

Professional barbers have praised the performance of both products for years. They are both heavy-duty clippers for day to day use.

The Freebies

When you purchase any of these two products, the box will come with lots of accessories. Having the freebies like lubricating oil, clipper grease, Size 000 detachable blade, blade guard is beneficial. It is a matter of fact that eventually, you will need to buy these items. But the models will save you from the hassle right away.


Both clippers include the same powerful universal motor. So they both can cut hair fast and effectively.


So if you have already owned a classic 76 and thinking to replace its blades with the new one, then good news for you. Both two clippers have the same blade system so you won’t need to buy one for the model 10.


Oster Model 10 vs Classic 76: Differences

So you know the similarities of the two models. Now it is bugging you how model 10 is different than the classic 76, right? Well, now we will point out the differences between these two clippers.


We have already mentioned that the Oster model 10 is smaller than the classic 76. That is why the model 10 is admired to those with smaller hands.

On the other hand, some people really tend to prefer the classic 76’s size because it snug fits big hands. So it is all about your preference at the end.


As for being small, model 10 is also quite lightweight. This ensures more comfort to your hands.

The unit is 1.6 lbs. Whereas the classic 76 weighs 21 lbs. So model 10 is less likely to tire you down after a busy day.

On the contrary, some people actually tend to prefer the classic 76 considering it is more stable for the heaviness.

Length of the Cord

Well, this one is not a big issue. Both products’ cords are considered to be of standard length.

Though, model 10 stands one level higher at this point. It comes with a 10 ft. cord that gives you more flexibility. The 9 ft. cord of classic 76 is also considered pretty long though.


Well, we have to admit that both of the clippers are expensive. Yet they provide great value for the money.

The current market price of the model 10 is about $140. And the classic 76 can cost $165-$185 depending on the seller. So the classic 76 is 25 to 45 bucks pricier than the model 10.

How to Maintain Oster Model 10?


To ensure longevity and effective performance, you need to lubricate your clipper and follow a maintenance routine. Depending on how frequently you use it, you can follow this process for once or twice a month.

The model comes with both lubricant oil and grease that you can use to properly maintain the clipper.

First, remove the screws attached to the front plate and take off the plate. Now check out if it really needs any oil or grease.

Now get your grease flowing in the open areas. Also don’t be too generous while applying grease. Put a little amount in every section.

 When you are done with oiling every necessary part, put the plate back and screw snugly. Don’t over tighten them to avoid slowing the motor down.

Now turn the clipper on. Keep it running for a while without doing anything. You will see the chains and the motor will grease this to all over the moving parts.

Moreover, there are two other passages on the clipper. Make sure to put grease on those with some needle nose. This will make the tune of the running clipper smoother.

Final thoughts

In this Oster Model 10 review, we discussed the detailed functions and specification of the clipper. We provided our honest opinion on the benefits and drawbacks of this model so that you can make the right decision.

Overall, we consider model 10 as a versatile clipper that makes your job more convenient. If you are looking for a comfortable and good quality hair clipper, you can totally try this one out.

However, there’s no denying that Model 10 is a bit expensive as a hair clipper. So we don’t recommend buying this if it costs you a fortune.

You can always start off with an ordinary one and then get the high end one when your business grows. Though a good quality clipper is essential to better your skill.

Well, we hope we could help you to reach a conclusion about purchasing the Oster Model 10 clipper. 

Between Oster model 10 and Classic 76 - which one is the best hair clipper?

well, it mostly depends on what purpose you want to serve. It varies from customer to customer. If you want a smaller and comfortable clipper without compromising on the performance, then Model 10 is what you need. If you are into classic units and want a more stable clipper, Classic 76 could be your choice. Also, the Model 10 is like 40 bucks cheaper than classic 76. So you can go for model 10 when you want to invest wisely.

Does the clipper have an adjustable lever?

No, it does not have an adjustable lever. Model 10 is a fixed-blade clipper that releases and snap into place.

Can it use 220 volts?

Yes, by using an adaptor. The original Oster Model 10 clipper is only made for 110v.

Can you use it without any blade?

Well, you can't use it to cut hair without a blade. But you can turn it on anyway.

Oster Model 10

OSTER Model 10 Hair Byte