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You love experimenting with different hairstyles, but sometimes you just want to keep things simple and pulled back. Whether you’re heading to the office or hitting the town, a sleek pulled back look can be effortlessly chic. In this article, we’ll show you how to achieve the perfect pulled back style, share tips for adding volume, and provide inspiration from celebrities who are rocking this trend. Get ready to turn heads with your effortlessly polished look.

Different Pulled Back Styles

If you want to try different pulled back styles, start by experimenting with various hairstyles. One popular option is the braided pulled back style. This involves braiding sections of your hair and then pulling them back to create a sleek and elegant look. You can choose to braid all of your hair or just a few sections for a more intricate style. Another option is the messy pulled back style. This is perfect for those days when you want a relaxed and effortless look. Simply gather your hair at the nape of your neck and secure it with an elastic band. Then, use your fingers to loosen the hair and create a messy, undone effect. Both the braided pulled back and messy pulled back styles can be achieved with any hair length or texture, making them versatile options for anyone looking to switch up their look.

Now that you know about different pulled back styles, let’s talk about the tools and products you’ll need to achieve the perfect pulled back look.

Tools and Products for the Perfect Pulled Back Look

To achieve the perfect pulled back look, you’ll need a few essential tools and products. Here are three key elements to help you achieve this hairstyle:

  • Hair accessories:

  • Bobby pins: These small, U-shaped pins are perfect for securing your hair in place. They come in various sizes and colors, allowing you to choose the ones that blend seamlessly with your hair color.

  • Hair elastics: Elastic bands are essential for creating a secure and tight ponytail or bun. Opt for ones that are gentle on your hair to avoid breakage or damage.

  • Headbands: Headbands not only keep your hair pulled back but also add a stylish touch. Choose from a wide range of colors, widths, and designs to complement your outfit.

  • Hairstyling techniques:

  • Teasing comb: A teasing comb is useful for adding volume and texture to your hair. By gently backcombing the roots, you can achieve a fuller pulled back look.

  • Hair spray: A good quality hairspray will help keep your hair in place. Look for one with strong hold but without leaving your hair feeling stiff or sticky.

  • Styling gel or pomade: If you want a sleek and polished pulled back look, a styling gel or pomade can help tame flyaways and keep your hair smooth.

Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving a Sleek Pulled Back Hairstyle

To achieve a sleek pulled back hairstyle, start by gathering all the necessary tools and products. You will need a brush or comb, hair ties or bobby pins, a strong-hold hairspray, and possibly some hair gel or smoothing cream. Before starting, make sure your hair is clean and dry.

Begin by brushing or combing your hair to remove any tangles or knots. This will help ensure a smooth and polished look. Next, decide whether you want a sleek ponytail or an elegant updo. For a sleek ponytail, gather all your hair at the nape of your neck and secure it with a hair tie. Use the brush to smooth out any bumps or flyaways.

If you prefer an elegant updo, start by creating a ponytail as described above. Then, twist the ponytail into a bun and secure it with bobby pins. Use your fingers or the brush to smooth out any loose strands. You can also add some hairspray or gel for extra hold and shine.

To finish off your sleek pulled back hairstyle, apply a generous amount of hairspray to keep everything in place. This will help prevent any unruly strands from ruining your polished look. You can also add some hair accessories, such as a decorative hairpin or headband, to enhance the elegance of your style.

With these simple steps and the right tools and products, you can achieve a sleek pulled back hairstyle that is both sophisticated and chic.

Tips for Adding Volume to Your Pulled Back Hair

For added volume to your pulled back hair, consider using a volumizing spray or mousse before styling. These products can give your hair a boost and create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. Here are some tips to help you achieve that added volume:

  • Blow-dry your hair upside down: This simple technique can add instant volume to your roots. Flip your hair over and use a round brush to lift your roots as you blow-dry. This will create lift and volume at the crown of your head.

  • Tease your hair: Teasing, also known as backcombing, is a great way to add volume to your pulled back hair. Take small sections of hair near the roots and gently tease them with a fine-toothed comb. This will create texture and lift, giving your hair more volume.

  • Use hair accessories: Hair accessories can be a great tool for adding volume to your pulled back hair. Opt for accessories that have some height or texture, such as a volumizing hair clip or a padded headband. These accessories can help create the illusion of fuller hair.

Styling Inspiration: Celebrities Rocking the Pulled Back Trend

If you’re looking for some styling inspiration, check out how celebrities are rocking the pulled back trend. Celebrity hair trends often set the tone for what’s popular and fashionable. When it comes to pulled back hairstyles for formal occasions, celebrities are no exception. They have been seen sporting sleek and elegant pulled back hairstyles on the red carpet, adding a touch of sophistication to their overall look.

One celebrity who has been seen rocking the pulled back trend is Jennifer Lopez. She often opts for a sleek and polished pulled back hairstyle, with her hair tightly secured at the nape of her neck. This style not only showcases her stunning features but also gives her an air of elegance and poise.

Another celebrity who has embraced the pulled back trend is Meghan Markle. Known for her chic and timeless style, Meghan often wears her hair pulled back in a low bun or a sleek ponytail. This simple yet sophisticated look perfectly complements her classic fashion choices and adds a touch of glamour to her overall appearance.

Eva Longoria is another celebrity who has been spotted sporting pulled back hairstyles for formal occasions. She often opts for a sleek and voluminous high ponytail, which not only highlights her gorgeous facial features but also adds a touch of glamour and drama to her look.


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