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What Cuts More Hair Open Or Closed

Open clippers cut more hair than closed clippers. The lever position on the clippers determines the length of the cut.

When the lever is closed, more hair is cut, whereas when the lever is open, less hair is cut. Understanding this difference is crucial for achieving desired haircut styles.

Understanding The Differences

Open vs. Closed Clippers: An Overview The difference between open and closed clippers lies in their cutting mechanisms. Open clippers have exposed blades that come into direct contact with the hair, allowing for a more aggressive and precise cut. Closed clippers, on the other hand, have a guard or comb attachment that creates a barrier between the blades and the hair, resulting in a more controlled and gradual cut.

Open clippers are often preferred for creating sharp fades and shorter styles, while closed clippers are suitable for longer hair and maintaining consistent lengths. Understanding how each type of clipper works can help barbers and hairstylists determine the best tool for achieving their desired results.

By considering factors such as hair texture, length, and style, professionals can make informed decisions on whether to use open or closed clippers for a particular hair cutting technique.

Factors Affecting Hair Cutting Efficiency

Blade design and sharpness, motor power and speed, and cutting technique and angle are factors that affect hair cutting efficiency. The design and sharpness of the blades determine how smoothly and cleanly they can cut through the hair. A blade with a more precise design and sharper edges will result in a cleaner cut.

The motor power and speed of the clippers also play a role in cutting efficiency. A more powerful motor and higher speed will allow the blades to cut through the hair more quickly and smoothly. Additionally, the technique and angle at which the clippers are used can impact the efficiency of the cut.

Using the right technique and angle will ensure that the clippers glide smoothly through the hair, resulting in a more efficient and precise cut.

Pros And Cons Of Open And Closed Clippers

Open clippers offer several advantages. Firstly, they have an increased cutting speed, allowing for quicker haircuts. Additionally, open clippers are ideal for fast fade styles, creating sharp and precise lines. They are also suitable for longer hair lengths, making them versatile for various hairstyles.

However, open clippers have some disadvantages. Due to their design, they offer less control when it comes to detailing, making it difficult to create intricate designs. Moreover, there is a higher risk of nicks and cuts with open clippers, which may be a concern for those with sensitive skin.

Lastly, open clippers have limited precision in hair cutting, as they may not provide the same level of accuracy as closed clippers.

Determining The Right Type For Your Haircut

Determining the right type of clippers for your haircut depends on various factors. When considering open clippers, you should take into account several considerations. Certain haircut styles benefit from using open clippers, especially for layered cuts or adding texture. Additionally, the texture and thickness of your hair play a role in determining whether open clippers are suitable for you.

Personal preference and skill level should also be taken into consideration when choosing between open or closed clippers. On the other hand, closed clippers are ideal for achieving precise and clean-cut styles such as fades or buzz cuts. Again, hair texture and thickness factor into the decision, as well as personal preference and skill level.

By considering these aspects, you can determine whether open or closed clippers are right for your desired haircut style.

Final Thoughts And Recommendations

When it comes to the type of clippers you should choose, it’s essential to consider your personal preference. Experimentation is key in finding the clippers that work best for you. Open and closed clippers both have their advantages, and it ultimately depends on the desired haircut results.

Open clippers are often used for longer haircuts and provide more control. On the other hand, closed clippers are ideal for shorter cuts and offer a smoother finish. By trying out different clippers and techniques, you can discover which ones give you the optimal hair cutting results.

Remember to consider factors such as blade sharpness, motor power, and any additional features that may enhance your experience. Ultimately, the choice between open and closed clippers is subjective and should be based on personal preferences and the specific hairstyle you want to achieve.

What Cuts More Hair Open Or Closed


Frequently Asked Questions For What Cuts More Hair Open Or Closed

What Cuts More Open Or Close?

When the clipper lever is closed, it cuts more hair, and when it’s open, it cuts less hair.

Does Open Guard Cut More?

When the clipper lever is closed, it cuts more hair than when it is open.

Does Open Or Closed Clippers Cut More Hair?

Closed clippers cut more hair because the lever position adjusts the length of the cut. When the lever is closed, more hair is cut.

Does Open Or Close Take Off More Hair?

When the clipper lever is closed, it cuts more hair, while when it is open, it cuts less hair.


To determine whether an open or closed clipper cuts more hair, it’s important to understand the lever position. When the clipper lever is closed, it results in a shorter length of hair being cut. On the other hand, when the taper lever is open, less hair is cut.

This knowledge can be invaluable for achieving precise and desired haircut styles. Using open or closed clippers depends on the desired hairstyle and the length of hair you want to maintain. Open clippers are ideal for longer haircuts, as they allow for more control and prevent any accidental haircut mishaps.

Closed clippers, on the other hand, are perfect for achieving shorter and more uniform haircuts. The decision between open and closed clippers depends on the desired haircut and the length of hair you want to achieve. By understanding the lever positions and their effects, you can confidently choose the right clippers for your haircut needs.


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