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Hair loss is a common problem, but many of us don’t know the cause. Does getting a perm damage your hair and lead to permanent hair loss? It’s a question that has been debated for years. While there are no definitive answers yet, it’s important to consider both sides of the argument before deciding whether or not to get a perm. In this article, we’ll look at what science says about perms and hair loss – so you can make an informed decision about whether you should take the plunge.

Understanding The Chemical Process Of A Perm

One of the hottest trends in beauty today is getting a perm– and with good reason. After all, who doesn’t love big bouncy curls to show off at their next Zoom meeting? But few people know about the chemical process taking place beneath the surface – and it’s not for the faint-hearted!

When you get a perm, your hair undergoes an intense process involving strong chemicals that break down the internal bonds inside each strand. This allows them to be re-shaped into whatever style your hairdresser fancies. It might sound like an easy way to achieve beautiful waves or ringlets but there are some risks involved in using these harsh chemicals on your locks.

The biggest concern when it comes to perms is damage: if not done correctly, they can cause significant harm to hair follicles resulting in brittle strands that become weak over time. That said, as long as they’re applied carefully by experienced professionals then you should still be able enjoy those luscious curls without worrying too much about any lasting effects. With this knowledge firmly under our belt, let us now turn our attention to examining the side effects of perms more closely…

Examining The Side Effects Of Perms

While understanding the chemical process of a perm is important, it’s also crucial to understand its potential side effects. Though many people seek out perms hoping for bouncy curls or waves, sometimes they experience more than just an enjoyable new style. From scalp irritation and burning sensations to excess shedding and hair loss, these are all possible results from undergoing a perm.

The most common cause of hair loss due to a perm is when the chemicals in the solution break down the natural bonds of the hair shafts too quickly. This makes them vulnerable and susceptible to damage as well as increased fragility which can lead to breakage during styling or brushing. Another factor that could contribute to hair loss after getting a perm is if you have existing thinning areas on your head caused by other conditions such as alopecia or certain medical treatments like chemotherapy. In this case, the harshness of some chemicals used in a perm may further damage already weakened strands leading to additional shedding.

Now that we’ve examined general side effects associated with getting a permanent wave, let’s evaluate the risk of sustained hair loss related to this procedure.

Evaluating The Risk Of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common fear among people considering getting a perm. It’s understandable- no one wants to risk losing their hair! But understanding the risks of hair loss associated with perms can help you make an informed decision about your hairstyle.

When it comes to perms, there are several things that could potentially cause hair loss: * Over-processing – when too much chemical solution is used on the hair or left in for too long, this can weaken and damage the follicles, leading to possible breakage; * Poorly applied chemicals – if not correctly mixed and/or applied by experienced professionals, this can lead to over processing and breakage as well; * Too tight curls – depending on how tight the curl pattern is set, this may put excess strain on the scalp and follicles which can also lead to breakage; * Stressful lifestyle habits – lack of sleep, unhealthy dieting practices, excessive styling products use etc., all have a direct effect on our health (including our scalps).

The good news is that these types of hair loss due to perming are usually temporary. As long as you follow instructions given by your hairdresser carefully during the process and take care of your newly styled locks afterwards, there should be minimal risk involved. With proper maintenance and healthy lifestyle choices, most people find they experience little or no problems at all from getting a perm.


To conclude, it is clear that there is a potential for hair loss when getting a perm. The harsh chemicals used in the process can damage our strands and cause breakage, leading to thinning of the hair. However, this doesn’t mean you should avoid perms altogether – just be mindful of how often you get them done and speak with your hairstylist about which type would work best for my locks.

Although I may feel overwhelmed by the risks associated with perming my hair, I must remember that taking care of myself comes first. It’s important for me to take steps to make sure my scalp health is at its best before going ahead with any chemical treatments. In doing so, I’m able to keep my tresses healthy and beautiful without risking permanent damage or extreme shedding.


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